Gordonstoun Masterplan

RSS was commissioned by Gordonstoun in 2019 to produce a Masterplan which reflects the School’s vision as a world leader in character education.

We have consulted extensively with the wide community of students and staff (past and present), parents and neighbours to create a strategy for the phased renewal, refurbishment and redevelopment of the school’s buildings within the context of its unique landscape setting. The Masterplan aims to improve the student experience through an enhanced green infrastructure reflecting the school’s beautiful location in Moray, and through an improved built environment which encourages collaboration and interaction. The Masterplan promotes new build development that is efficient, of high quality, and sustainable alongside significant remodelling to replace and augment existing buildings.

The first phase of development comprises a new classroom hub building which will set the standard for new sustainable teaching and learning spaces within a new Classroom Village.

  • Client:Gordonstoun School
  • Type:Masterplan and phased development
  • Location:Moray
  • Status:Masterplan complete. Planning permission has been granted for the first phase of the development which is targeted to start on site early 2023