Plantagenet Road

This new mixed development replaces existing industrial buildings to provide a ground floor office space with 3 flats above.

The stepped, double-gable design complements the buildings in the street and helps to articulate the front elevation and make this 3-storey building look light, with its top storey set within the roof space. At the rear, the building also steps back and away from the boundary edge on the upper storeys, creating outside terrace space. Both the office and flats also have a rear garden.

A simple palette of materials is in keeping with the surrounding neighbourhood. The ground floor is rendered with large areas of glazing and upper floors are London Stock Brick with powder coated aluminium window frames and grey slate roof tiles.

  • Client:SHS & Co.
  • Type:Mixed-use - housing and office
  • Location:Enfield
  • Status:Completed May 2019
  • Consultants:Optimis Planning Consultants