Harrow School Sports and Science

The new buildings will encompass the eastern flank of Harrow School’s dramatic hillside, providing a coherent landscape strategy within which the School’s new Sports and Science buildings are set.

Buildings and landscape work together to form a coherent whole which enhances the setting of the historic buildings along the ridge of the hill as well as creating a hierarchy of routes. These are anchored by an axial staircase which navigates the significant level drop from the historic setting at the ridge of the Hill down to the flat playing fields at its base. The axis opens up the dramatic views from the terrace to central London as well as creating a new view up to the historic core from the base of the hill with the School Chapel spire as its visual focal point. This visual spine is flanked by a series of interlinked and diverse landscape zones from the formal Chapel Terrace through dense woodlands and open piazza spaces to a new bio-diverse wetland area at the base.

The vertical placement of the buildings exploits the dramatic topography resulting in a series of carefully articulated built forms which respond to and address the varying views and complex levels around them.

To read about the Science Building, click here.

To read about the Sports Building, click here.

To see an animation of the schemes, click here.

  • Client:Harrow School
  • Type:Development Programme
  • Location:Harrow on the Hill, London
  • Status:Science Building on site. Due for completion early 2024.
  • Consultants:Gardiner & Theobald (Cost), Buro Happold (M&E, Fire), Momentum (Structure & Civils), Space and Place (Swimming Pool Design Advice), ME Landscape Studio (Landscape Architects), Ingleton Wood (BREEAM), Paterson Planning (Planning Consultants), Goddard Consulting (CDM), Sandy Brown Associates (Acoustics), Kevin Barnes Design (Catering), LB Harrow (Building Control)