The Crowndale Centre

The Centre is a collection of buildings grouped to form a cohesive multi-service centre which offers a wide range of services to its local community, a community which was fully involved in the development of the project from the outset. The result is around 11,000sqm of space with the conversion of an old post office sorting office as its focus. The latter’s original light well has been transformed into an open modern atrium topped by a gently curving overhanging roof.

This space serves to visually unite the range of disparate functions – council offices, ‘one stop shop’, retail, cafe and workshops – as well as giving clarity to the overall displacement of activities. A new build primary health care centre is located behind the main building offering a range of consulting and treatment rooms, a dentist surgery and flexible space centred around its own smaller top-lit focal space. This facility is in turn linked to a GP surgery and the final element on the site comprises six new build flats.

"The building scores even more brownie points by being both forward looking and yet accessible to members of the public... Where else in the public sector is there a modern building that welcomes the local people in such a gracious way?"

Jonathan Glancy, The Independent, 21st March 1990

  • Client:Camden Council and the Bloomsbury Health Authority
  • Status:Completed 1989
  • Photography:Jo Reid & John Peck
  • Press:Architect’s Journal November 1988 & February 1990, The Independent March 1990, Access by Design, May 1990, Interior Design, June 1990, Detail, December 1990, RIBA Journal, April 1991